Ujima's History

Ujima Community Development Corporation, Inc. (UJIMA) is a community-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, established primarily to carry out and support social and economic development activities designed to improve the quality of life in the community. UJIMA is committed to creating an environment that preserves the health, safety and well-being of under served senior residents of the City View community in northeastern Winston Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina, and its environs.


After initial visioning sessions in 2007, the CDC Board set about building its capacity and forming a development concept --- activities that resulted in an approved rezoning petition in 2010. Subsequently Ujima successfully sought predevelopment assistance from the City of Winston-Salem, and was awarded a grant to support the cost of architectural designs, site civil construction designs, land clearing and site preparation designs. This predevelopment work has been monitored and directed by the Board over the past three years.

Our Plan

Ujima's Senior Housing and Retirement Village Project is will be a 50-unit, five-star quality senior citizen independent housing complex. When completed the development will consist of a two-story, 28-unit structure (comprised of 1-BR apartments), 11 duplex structures containing 22 2BR units, and will also feature a community center for the use of residents of the complex and surrounding community. The 8.5 acre development site is located off of Barbara Jane Avenue and Woodrow Powell --- off Old Greensboro Road in Winston-Salem --- in the City View neighborhood.


Recent Progress

  • Construction is underway for 42 unit, consisting of the two-story 28 unit 1 bedroom apartment building and 7 of the 11 duplex structures
  • The 2 story apartment building is stated to be completed by April 2019.
  • The 7 duplexes are slated for completion by Dec 2018



A Community Behind Us

We took a survey of the area and found that all who we talked to were in favor of our project and some were interested in downsizing and putting their property on the market for younger homeowners. The population we serve is 55 years of age and over, prepared to downsize, and/or move to a community of their peers that will enhance their well-being.  They are a combination of retired seniors and baby boomers waiting to enjoy a new found experience.

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